what a catch. (rocketgirl2) wrote in more_inspired,
what a catch.

Halfway Done, Halfway Home?

Welcome to Day 11!

By now, some of us have finished our sets, some of us are a good halfway through, and some of us are still trying to figure out why it was we thought we could make 20 icons in 20 days. The good news is, everyone here has been in those last couple of positions before. And we're here to help.

No matter how far (or not-far) you are on your set, let us know how you're doing. Show off a couple of icons that you're particularly proud of, or maybe ask for feedback on some that you're not so sure about. Share your process, your inspirations, or your extreme hatred of the mods for choosing such an evil theme (if that's how you feel). And then look around and see how many other people are in the same boat and let them know that they can succeed. Tell them what you like about their icons, ideas, clever interpretations of the theme, or anything else that you know will make them want to fire up those graphic editors and get (back) to work.
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