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the sister community of inspired20in20
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Welcome to more_inspired, the sister community of inspired20in20. This community wouldn't be here if not for the wonderful 20inspirations, so be sure to check them out. This comm will house open discussions as well as mod-run activities and memes that are related to the current round at inspired20in20. It is not mandatory for participants of inspired20in20 to join these activities, nor is it mandatory for members here to participate in the current round. If you're new, check out the welcome post to get started!

Rules & Guidelines
- Please keep all posts related to the current round at inspired20in20
- No personal attacks, period. This community is a place for makers to socialize, not fight.
- In order to keep things peaceful, please only provide critique when makers ask for it.
- When critiquing icons, please focus on technical aspects rather than subjective ones.
- Please keep posts here related to the round. That means no posting outside batches of icons.

Have a question? Page a mod here.

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